Looking up names in your organization directory

When addressing a new email or meeting invitation, you can automatically look up names in your organization through the IBM Address Book Provider.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you are using IBM mail add-in version 2.0.1 or a later version. If you used an earlier version previously, also create a new profile to use with the client going forward. For more information, see the section Directory limitations and restrictions in the topic Known limitations.


Look up a name in any of the following ways:
  • Begin to type a name that you've selected before and select it from the list of names that's automatically displayed.
  • Begin to type a name and click Check Names to search for it.
  • Click Address Book, select IBM Address Book Provider, and search for the name.
Note: If you have set up a connection to an LDAP directory that is used by your organization, you can look up names in it or in the IBM Address Book Provider directory. Some names are likely to be found in both directories.