Quick reference

Use this quick reference to see at a glance the IBM® mail support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO) features that are added to Microsoft Outlook.

IBM Mail page

When you click File > IBM Mail, the following features are available on the IBM Mail page:
Automatic Replies (Out of Office)
Notify others when you're out of the office.
Allow others to manage your mail, calendar, and contacts.
Mail Quota
See how close your mail file is to the size limit.
IBM Mail Help
See the product documentation, report a problem, or see the version that you are using.
Features on the IBM Mail page

Encrypt Mail, Sign Mail

When you create a mail message, click Encrypt Mail and Sign Mail to digitally encrypt and sign the message for added security. Encrypt Mail, Sign Mail options

View Full Message

Messages that are more than seven days old at the time that they are synced locally are truncated. Encrypted messages show only subject text. To see the entire content of one of these messages, select it and click View Full message. Or, double-click the message.Using View Full Message option with a truncated older message.

Open in iNotes

Click Open in iNotes to open a selected message in IBM® iNotes®.Open in iNotes option

Find Room

When you schedule a meeting, click Find Room to reserve a room. This feature is available when your company is set up to use an onsite Domino® Resource Reservations database. Find Room option