Installing IBM® mail support for Microsoft Outlook

IBM® mail support for Microsoft Outlook (IBM® mail client) provides the code you need to access your IBM® Notes® mail with Microsoft Outlook.

Before you begin

Note: Your administrator may have installed the IBM® mail client for you. To check whether the client is installed, open the Windows Control Panel, then open the list of installed programs. If you see IBM Mail Sync, the client is installed and you can ignore this topic and continue to the procedure Adding a new Microsoft Outlook profile.
Also note the following information:
  • Before you install the IBM® mail client, make sure you comply with the Client requirements.
  • Your administrator provides you access to the installation file, if the client isn't installed for your automatically.
  • Personal firewalls might need to be temporarily disabled, or be properly configured to allow the IBM® mail client installation to complete.
  • To install requires administrator account access to your computer.
  • The IBM® mail client requires that the following software be installed.
    • Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.2
    • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO)
    This software is usually part of the standard Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook installation. However, if it isn't installed on your system, the IBM® mail client installer will install it for you before installing the IBM® mail client. To install this software, your computer must be able to connect to the Internet.


To install the IBM® mail add-in, run the IMSMO_client.exe file that your administrator provided to you. Follow the installation instructions. For information about troubleshooting installation problems, see Troubleshooting tips.

What to do next

Complete the procedure Adding a new Microsoft Outlook profile.