Folder limitations

The following table describes folder limitations.

Table 1. Folder limitations
Description More information
Some nested folders may not sync correctly to Microsoft Outlook. Creating child folders in IBM® Notes® using a path, for example MyFolder\MySubFolder, does not automatically create folder documents for the parent folders in the path. Therefore, such parent folders can not be synced with Outlook. Create new parent folders individually and move the subfolders to the new parent folder.
Note the following behavior with a subfolder that is created under a default folder such as Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, Deleted Items, or Junk E-mail (or moved to one of those folders):
  • The subfolder is shown as a top-level folder in other clients.
  • If you delete the subfolder in Outlook, the deletion is not seen in other clients until you empty the Deleted Items folder.
  • If a fresh download of your mail occurs, for example, if you resync the content or create a new profile, the subfolder becomes a top-level folder in Outlook.
There is no ability to set permissions on or copy folders.
There is no support for the creation of additional calendar and contact folders
Moving a mail item to Deleted items and then to a different folder than it was deleted from, will cause a duplicate mail item to appear in the original folder, in IBM® Notes®. Notes® does not have the concept of restoring a deleted item to a specific folder; it will always restore to the original folder(s) in which an item resided, thereby producing a duplicate in this case. You can avoid this issue by moving a deleted item to its original folder first, and then move it to the desired folder.
If you re-sync your mail and then try to use a previously created quick step or mail rule that moves a message to a folder, you see an error. For example: The folder specified for <name> quick step cannot be found or you do you not have permission to modify the folder. Edit the quick step to select a different folder. Resyncing mail re-creates folders with new IDs so that the quick step or mail rule no longer recognizes the folder. Edit the quick step or mail rule and select the folder to use again. Or, avoid resyncing your mail.
Messages that are only in the All Documents view of other clients are not seen in Outlook. For example, if you use the Remove from Inbox option in Verse to remove a message, the message is still available in Verse through the All Documents view. The message is not seen in Outlook because there is no All Documents view.