Calendar limitations

The following table describes the calendar limitations.

Table 1. Calendar limitations
Description More information
Calendar entries cannot be encrypted or decrypted from Outlook.
File attachments in a repeating meeting that was created in another client (for example, Notes®) are not preserved if the meeting Chair reschedules the meeting series using Outlook.
Unable to process an accepted counter notification for some repeating meetings when you decline and counter from Outlook. Accept counter notifications from a Notes® or SmartCloud Notes® web client.
Forwarded meetings and invitations will be forwarded as email instead of as a calendar entry.
Notification to a meeting Chair for an Invitee who has declined and proposed a new meeting time incorrectly shows that the Invitee has tentatively accepted and proposed a new time.
Users registered with an internet domain that is different than their internet address results in free time search being unable to retrieve data.
Cancellations are removed from the calendar even though the Show as canceled in calendar option is enabled. Open cancellations in Verse to remove the cancellation in both calendars.
Meeting organizers must use another client such as IBM® Notes® to send invitations with rich text content. Invitees who use Outlook can accept the invitations and see the rich text content in Outlook.
Unaccepted invitations and reschedules show in Notes® but not Outlook. This issue can occur in the following situations:
  • The invitation or reschedule is not in your Inbox. Outlook processes notices in your Inbox only.
  • During the first mail sync, Outlook is processing older notices.

To show in Outlook, accept or tentatively accept from IBM Verse.

You might see the following behavior due to Outlook known issues:
  • Meeting reminders can occur too frequently.
  • When you start Outlook you see the following message: Cannot save free/busy information. Cannot perform this operation at this time.
To work around either problem, complete the following steps:
  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Press Windows key + R
  3. Type outlook.exe /cleanreminders and press ENTER.
  4. Restart Outlook.
No ability to view the calendar details of multiple individuals with calendar groups, only free/busy information displays
Meeting organizers cannot create All Day Meetings with attendees, but without defined start and end times; the meetings will be converted to timed appointments
Meeting organizers cannot create infinitely recurring meetings; the meetings will be assigned a finite end date
The Notify Me field in a Notes® calendar entry allows you to set a reminder notice for a number of minutes before or after a calendar event has started. Microsoft Outlook does not support scheduling reminders for calendar events after the event has started, and will show a reminder time of zero (0) minutes if it has been set in Notes®
Individuals cannot create new blank calendar
Draft Meetings do not sync between Microsoft Outlook and the server
Names in the To or CC field of a meeting response are disregarded
Microsoft Outlook does not support sending attachments in calendar entries. You can attach the file to a Calendar entry, but you will see an error message
If free time is set to Working elsewhere or Out of Office it may be changed to Busy. If free time is set to Tentative it may be changed to Available
Unread counts are not available for the calendar
Updating and saving any calendar field (Categories, Private, Busy status, etc.) for a single instance of a repeating meeting will sync correctly between IBM® Notes® and Microsoft Outlook. However, if an Outlook client user subsequently updates and saves the same calendar field for all instances of a repeating meeting, the previous field update for the single instance remains
If there are two instances of a repeating calendar entry on the same day, only one shows in Outlook, as in the following scenario:
  • In Notes®, create a repeating meeting every day from 9-10 for a week
  • In Notes®, open the Wednesday instance and move it to Thursday at 11; Notes® now has two instances of the same meeting on Thursday.
  • After syncing to Outlook, only one instance of the meeting is shown on Thursday.
An Outlook meeting scheduled for more than 24 hours fails to show correctly in the Notes® calendar view
When a meeting is canceled and processed in Outlook, it may remain in Notes®. To work around this issue, change the Process cancelled meetings automatically preference setting option, described in the Configure mail policy settings topic of the administration documentation, from Show as cancelled in calendar to Remove from calendar.