Configuring mail policy settings

Configure the mail policy settings that are required for IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook (IMSMO).

About this task

If no Mail policy currently exists for your users, follow the instructions to create a new settings document, and then link that to a master policy (Organizational, Dynamic, or Explicit) as needed. If a Mail policy currently exists, either the existing policy can be modified as described, or a new policy with precedence can be created.


  1. Open the Domino® Administrator client, select the People & Groups tab, and select Settings.
  2. Click the Add Settings button and select Mail.
  3. Select the Calendar and To Do tab.
  4. Select the Display tab, and change the following parameters:
    1. Display new (unprocessed) notices: Yes.
    2. Process cancelled meetings automatically: Yes. In addition, the Show as cancelled in calendar option should be selected.
    3. For each of these parameters, set the How to apply this setting field to Set value and prevent changes.Mail Display setting parameters
  5. Now, select the Notices tab, and make the following changes:
    1. Display the following meeting notices in user's Inbox: All.
    2. Remove meeting notices from user's Inbox after user has processed them: Yes.
    3. Automatically process meeting updates and apply changes to meetings: Yes.
    4. Skip processing of meeting updates that have pending reschedules: Yes.
      Note: The Skip processing of meeting updates that have pending reschedules setting ensures that when a meeting location is updated while there is a pending reschedule, users who have not responded to the invitation see the correct information. This setting is available with a modified version of the 9.0.1 Domino Directory template. For information on getting the latest template, see Technote 4037141.
    5. Keep me informed of meeting updates when I decline meetings: Unchecked.
    6. For each of these parameters, set the How to apply this setting field to Set value and prevent changes.Mail Notices setting parameters
    By default, lookups are performed against a user's mail server; this is done to reduce configuration needed on the IBM® mail support for Microsoft Outlook server, and provides results more consistent with an IBM® Notes® Client. If your configuration is such that mail file replicas have been moved to a single server specifically for Microsoft Outlook support, and it is not the users' home mail server, name lookups can be configured to be performed on the IBM® mail server itself by setting the following Notes®.INI parameter:
      Note: Post-installation modifications to INI parameters beginning with NTS_ are not supported, unless otherwise noted.
  6. Click Save & Close to save the Mail Settings document.