Viewing a document Archiving Log

If you set up the document archiving tool to log archiving information to an Archiving Log database, a document is created in the Archiving Log database when either the client or server finishes archiving. You can view this document.

About this task


  1. Open the entry in the Archiving Log database.
  2. Click Archive statistics to display the date of the archive, the number of documents archived to the Archive database, and the number of archived documents deleted from the original database.
  3. Click Database/Server to display the location, title, and path for the original database and for the Archive database.
  4. Click Links to archived docs to use document links to access documents in the Archive database that have been removed from the original database. This doesn't apply if you selected the advanced archiving option Delete matching documents without archiving them.


For information on the document archiving tool, see Specifying the computers where archiving runs and where the archive is stored in IBM® Notes® 9.0.1 Social Edition Help.