Using database design compression

Use the advanced database property Compress database design to reduce the total cost of ownership of maintaining any Notes® database by reducing the size of all design elements in the database.

About this task

For the Notes® client mail template (MAIL8.NTF), this setting is enabled by default and the design is compressed when the mail database is created.

This setting reduces design note overhead for Domino® mail deployments.

Note: To use this feature, the NSF must be ODS 48 or later. To upgrade a database to ODS 48, enter the following setting in your NOTES.INI file and use copy-style compacting on the database:

You can upgrade all the way to the current level of ODS (which provides more benefits than ODS 48) by entering:


For more information on Domino® on-disk structure (ODS), see the related topics.

To compress new design elements in a selected database


  1. From the Domino® Administrator client, select File - Application - Properties.
  2. Click the Advanced tab. (The icon on this tab is a beanie.)
  3. Click Compress database design.

To compress existing design elements in a selected database

About this task

In addition to enabling compression for new design elements, you can also enable compression for existing design elements in a specified database by running a copy-style compact on the database. Enter this command:

load compact -c filename.nsf

To compress new design elements in a set of selected databases

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You can enable compression for all design elements yet to be created in a set of existing databases.

Note: The Advanced Database Properties are available only to those administrators listed in the Administrators field on the Security tab of the Server document.


  1. Open the Domino® Administrator Client.
  2. Select one or more databases in the files pane.
  3. In the tools pane, select Database and then select Advanced Properties. Or drag selected database(s) to the Advanced Properties tool.
  4. Click Compress database design.
  5. Close the Advanced Properties tool.

To compress design elements in all existing databases on a server

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Enabling compression at the server level ensures that new design elements compresses in all databases. You can add the copy-style compact command to compress existing design elements

At the server console, run the following command:

load compact -n -c

To decompress design elements in all existing databases on a server

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At the server console, run the following command to decompress new and existing design elements:

load compact -N -c