Configuring a managed account for the OpenSocial component

The OpenSocial component uses the Accounts framework to manage security between the Notes® client and the Domino® server running Shindig.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator client, open the Domino® Directory (names.nsf) for the domain.
  2. Select People > Policies > Accounts.
  3. Select Add Account. Unless otherwise specified, keep the default settings.
  4. Click Basics, and complete these fields:
    Table 1. Fields on the Basics tab
    Field Description
    Account name This descriptive name appears in the Accounts preferences user interface in Notes®.
    Account description For example, “Manages SSO between the Notes® client and the Domino® Server running Shindig.
    Account type Other
    Account server name If you organization has a single Domino server running Shindig, enter http://domino_server_running_shindig_host_name/fiesta/container

    If your organization has clustered Shindig servers, enter the host name of the load balancer or reverse-proxy (ip sprayer) network device. For example, enter

    Protocol HTTP
    Use Domino® single sign-on if available Enabled
    Domino® single sign-on server domino_server_running_shindig_host_name (no protocol)
    Allow other accounts to use this log in information Disabled
  5. Click Advanced, and complete these fields; do not set any of them to editable.
    Table 2. Fields on the Advanced tab
    Field Description
    Authentication type DOMINO-SSO
    Enforce SSL Yes
    Enforce trusted sites Yes
  6. Still on the Advanced tab, click Edit list, and then enter PreferredUsernameField=fullname.
  7. Save the account document.