Remote modem access and server topology

Servers that are not on the same LAN or WAN can use modem connections to communicate with each other. For example, servers in remote field offices can establish modem connections with servers in a central office to route mail or replicate databases.

Support for direct dialup modem (X.PC) connections is available only in releases of IBM® Domino® earlier than release 8.5. You may continue to use Domino® Administrator 8.5 to configure and maintain direct dialup modem support, but only on servers running releases earlier than 8.5.

To create a topology for remote servers, first determine which databases the workstations and servers access frequently. In particular, think about how you want to route mail and replicate databases. Determine if users and servers in remote locations need access to certain mail and other databases. If so, consider these methods to make the databases available:

  • Create replicas of the databases on a remote server
  • Place modems on local servers that remote users need to access.
  • Set up a pass-through server for use by remote servers or users.

Setting up a pass-through server enables remote workstations or servers that connect to one Domino® server to access additional Domino® servers also. Using a pass-through server consolidates modem resources on a few Domino® servers and centralizes administration and troubleshooting.