Forcing a server connection to use a specific protocol

If multiple protocols are available for connecting a source server to a given destination, you can specify which protocol to use by setting the usage priority in a Connection document describing how the source server contacts the destination.

About this task

The usage priority specified in a Connection document determines the order in which IBM® Domino® selects the Connection document when searching for how to connect a source server to a destination. If multiple ports are enabled on the two servers, you can force Domino® to use a specific port by specifying it in the Connection document and setting the Usage priority field to Normal.

For example, suppose that both SPX and TCP/IP are enabled on Server A, the source server, and Server B, the destination server. You create a Connection document from Server A to Server B specifying that Server A uses the port TCP/IP to contact Server B and set the usage priority in this document to Normal. When determining how to connect to Server B, Server A first checks the Domino® Directory for a normal-priority Connection document governing the connection. After locating the document, Server A learns that the TCP/IP port is specified, and proceeds to use that port to attempt a connection to Server B. Setting the usage priority works for all types of Connection documents.

If multiple normal-priority Connection documents exist for the same destination server, the connecting server chooses one based on the type of connection in the following order of preference:
  • Local Area Network
  • Network Dialup
  • Pass-through server

You can also use the usage priority setting to configure a backup path to a destination server. When you set the usage priority for a Connection document to Low, the connecting server uses the information in the document to connect to the destination server only as a last resort, after it has exhausted all other possible means of locating connection information.

Set the usage priority for a connection as follows.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Configuration tab.
  2. Click Server, and then click Connections.
  3. Select the Connection document for which you want to set the usage priority, and click Edit Connection.
  4. For Usage priority, select Normal or Low as follows:
    • Normal – Specifies that this connection document defines a primary path to the destination server. The connecting server attempts to use this connection document to make the connection to the destination server.
    • Low – Specifies that this connection document defines a backup path to the destination server. The connecting server uses this connection document only as a last resort when trying to connect to the destination server.
  5. Click Save & Close.