Connecting a Notes® client to a Domino® server using IPv6

You can enable IPv^ on Notes® and Domino®.


  1. Install the IBM® Domino® server and IBM® Notes® client.
  2. Enable IPv6 on both the client and the server by adding the NOTES.INI setting, TCP_ENABLEIPV6=1, to the NOTES.INI files on the Notes® client and Domino® server.
  3. Configure a zone on both the Notes® client and the Domino® server.
  4. On the Domino® server, configure the port for IPv4 and the port for IPv6.
  5. Start the Notes® client.
  6. Optional: Connect from the Notes® client using IPv6 address-NRPC. Optionally, you can enter the zone if you want to.
  7. A low priority Connection document is added to the local Domino® Directory (names.nsf). This Connection document and IPv6 are used during future connection attempts initiated with File > Application > Open.

Connecting from a Notes® client using IPv6 address-NRPC

About this task

Use this procedure to connect from the Notes® client to a server using an IPv6 address.


  1. Click File > Application > Open.
  2. Optional: In the Server field, enter the IPv6 address. Optionally, you can enter a server name that resolves to an IPv6 address instead of entering the IPv6 address in the Server field.

    A low-priority Connection document is added to your local Domino® Directory (names.nsf).