Enabling the current Location setting to roam for new Notes® client setup

When roaming users set up new IBM® Notes® clients, you can enable them to use the current Location documents from their other Notes® clients automatically.

Before you begin

Enable roaming. For more information, see Roadmap for registering and configuring Notes roaming users

About this task

This feature is supported for the following situations:
  • Setting up new Notes® clients.
  • Setting up existing multi-user Notes® clients when the data directory content has been deleted.


  1. Using the Notes® or Administrator client, open the Domino® Directory (NAMES.NSF) on the Domino® server.
  2. Click the People & Groups tab and open the Settings view.
  3. Open an existing Desktop Setting document in edit mode. Or, to create a new one, click Add Settings and select Desktop Settings.
  4. Click the Custom Settings tab. (If you don't see the tab, click the arrow in the document.)
  5. Click Notes.ini.
  6. Click Edit List.
  7. In the Item field, enter ROAM_LOCATION_AT_CONFIG.
  8. In the Value field, enter 1.
  9. To make this setting takes precedence if the same setting is specified elsewhere, select Enforce.
  10. Click Add/Modify Value.
  11. Click OK and Save & Exit.
  12. If you haven't already done so, create a policy and assign the Desktop Settings document to it.


The following steps occur:
  1. A user logs in to a Notes® client that is already set up and selects an online Location document to use. (Offline Location documents don't roam.)
  2. When the updated policy is pushed from the server to the client, the ROAM_LOCATION_AT_CONFIG=1 setting is added to the local NOTES.INI file and roaming profile in names.nsf.
  3. The updated names.nsf file replicates from the client to the roaming server.
  4. When the user sets up a new Notes® client and starts the client for the first time, names.nsf is downloaded from the roaming server to the client.
  5. ROAM_LOCATION_AT_CONFIG=1 is detected in the roaming profile document.
  6. When the user logs on, the previously used current Location document is used automatically. This step occurs only after the first login. For subsequent logins, the user selects a Location document.

What to do next

To disable current Location roaming, repeat these steps but specify ROAM_LOCATION_AT_CONFIG=2