Using iNotes® agents

You can use agents to process or manipulate data on forms or sub forms in IBM® iNotes®.

About this task

There are two iNotes® agents, QueryOpen and QuerySave, which are the equivalent of the Web agents WebQuerySave and WebQueryOpen. When determining which forms to customize using iNotes® agents, keep in mind how often the form is used. Design your agents to run only on the specific page you want to act on. An agent that acts on a form or subform that runs constantly may impact performance adversely.

Creating the agents

About this task

You can create IBM® Domino® Web Access agents in IBM® Domino® Designer by adding two NOTESVARS to the dictionary for the form you want to customize. The NOTESVARS specify the names of the QueryOpen and QuerySave agents. The agents can be in the user's mail file, the main iNotes® Forms file, FORMS85.NSF, or the extension forms file. In Domino® Designer, add these lines to the <NotesDictionary> block in the Custom_xxx_Dictionary subform which corresponds to the form or subform you want the agents to act on:

	<NOTESVAR NAME={$$QueryOpenAgent} VALUE={'(agentname)'}>
	<NOTESVAR NAME={$$QuerySaveAgent} VALUE={'(agentname)'}>


About this task

To add QueryOpen and QuerySave agents to the Memo, Reply, and Reply with History forms, open the extension forms file and add $$QueryOpenAgent and $$QuerySaveAgent NOTESVARS to the Custom_MailMemoDictionary_Lite subform. Using the names testopen and testsave, for example, the edited subform would look like this:

   <NOTESVAR NAME={$$QueryOpenAgent} VALUE={'(testopen)'}>
   <NOTESVAR NAME={$$QuerySaveAgent} VALUE={'(testsave)'}"

For information about creating and using Web agents, see the section on Programming Domino® for Web Applications in the Domino® Designer help.