Enabling Google calendar overlay for iNotes®

You can enable Google calendar overlay for IBM® iNotes®. Then users can add Google calendars to their iNotes® calendars so that both calendars are shown.


  1. Use the Google Developers Console to generate an API key and a Client ID:
    1. Create a project in the Google Developers Console. For example, create a project called iNotes Calendar.
    2. Search the Google API Library to find the Google Calendar API. Select it and click Enable.
    3. Click Credentials > Create credentials > API key.
    4. After the API key is created, click Restrict key.
    5. Add a name, select HTTP referrers, and add the mail server information. Click Save.
    6. Return to the Credentials page. Click Create credentials > OAuth Client ID.
    7. Select Web application from the Application type list, add a name, and the mail server information. Click Create.
  2. Use one of the following methods to enable external calendars on the mail server:
    • To enable through policy, in Mail Settings, click the IBM iNotes tab and enable Allow Calendar Subscriptions.
    • If you do not use policies or if you want to enable or disable this feature temporarily on a trial basis, use the notes.ini setting iNotes_WA_CalOverlay=1 to enable it server-wide. To disable, change the setting to iNotes_WA_CalOverlay=0. These settings override any policy setting.
  3. Add the following settings to the notes.ini file on the mail server to specify the API key and Client ID created in the first step:
    iNotes_WA_GoogleApiKey=API key
    iNotes_WA_GoogleClientId=Client ID
  4. By default, the Add Calendar menu item is not visible to mail file delegates. To display the Add Calendar menu to mail file delegates, add the following setting to the notes.ini file on the mail server:
  5. Restart the Domino server.