Using Cluster Analysis to check the cluster configuration

You can use Cluster Analysis to verify that a cluster is set up correctly. Cluster Analysis generates reports about the cluster configuration so that you can find existing problems.

When you run Cluster Analysis, you specify the types of tests you want to run. Domino® then creates reports about the areas you selected and places the reports in the Cluster Analysis database (CLUSTA4.NSF) or in a database that you specify. You can generate reports about servers, databases, and the Server Web Navigator.

Table 1. Cluster analysis tests

Type of analysis




Number of cluster members

Reports the number of servers in the cluster.

Consistent domain membership

Checks that all servers are members of the same domain, which is required for a cluster to operate correctly.

Consistent protocols

Checks that servers are running the same protocols. Cluster members cannot communicate if they are running different protocols. (TCP/IP is the only protocol formally supported for cluster communication.)

Required server tasks

Checks the ServerTasks setting in the NOTES.INI file for required server tasks.


Consistent ACLs

Compares the ACLs of replicas throughout the cluster to be sure the ACLs are consistent. If they are not, users could fail over to replicas that they can't access or replicas that give them different rights to view and alter database information.

Disabled Replication

(Called Replication Enabled in the test report)

Checks to see if cluster replication is enabled for the databases on the server. If users fail over to a database that does not have cluster replication enabled, they may see different information than in the original database.

Consistent replication formulas

Checks for inconsistent replication formulas among replicas that share the same path. Replicas with the same path should have the same replication formulas.

Replicas exist within cluster

Checks to see if databases on the current server have replicas in the cluster. Returns failed if no replica exists. (Not all databases require replicas.)

Web Navigator

Consistent Server Web Navigators

Checks to see if the Web databases (WEB.NSF) on cluster members are replicas of each other. If they aren't, the Web databases will not fail over to each other.