Running Cluster Analysis

When you run Cluster Analysis, you make decisions about the types of reports you want to generate and the type of detail you want in the reports.

About this task

While the analysis runs, messages are displayed in the status bar. For large, busy clusters, Cluster Analysis may require several hours or more to complete. If you do not have a dedicated server for analysis tests, you may want to run database analysis during off-peak hours or only for problems that you think exist.

Note: Cluster Analysis is not available in the Web Administrator.


  1. In the Server pane of the Domino® Administrator, choose the server on which you want to run the analysis.
  2. Click the Server > Analysis tab.
  3. In the Tools pane, expand Analyze, and click Cluster.
  4. Optional: To create the Cluster Analysis results database, do any of the following:
    1. If allowed in the context, select one of the following options:
      Note: In some contexts, you make this choice in a preceding dialog box instead of in the Results Database dialog box.
      • Overwrite database – Deletes any existing results database and creates a new one.
      • Append to this database – Adds new results data to the database that was already specified.
    2. Select the server on which you want the results database to reside.
      Tip: It is recommended that you create the results database on a local client rather than on a server. If multiple people generate results databases on a server, they should each specify a different file name so the results do not conflict.
    3. Modify the database title if you do not want to use the default title.
    4. Modify the database filename if you do not want to use the default filename.
    5. If allowed in the context, click the folder icon to change the drive and/or directory in which the database is stored.
  5. Select the types of reports you want Domino® to generate: Server, Databases, or Web Navigator.
  6. If you selected Databases as a Report type in Step 6, select the type of database tests you want to run: Consistent ACLs, Disabled Replication, Consistent replication formulas, and/or Replicas exist within cluster.
  7. Click OK to run the analysis and to open the Results Database.

Viewing the results of a Cluster Analysis


  1. Open the Cluster Analysis database if it is not already open.
  2. Click one of the following views:
    • By Cluster
    • By Date
    • By Test
  3. Open a Cluster Analysis Results document.