Specifying a name and password for Domino® servers in a Directory Assistance document for a remote LDAP directory

In the Optional Authentication Credential section on the LDAP tab of a Directory Assistance document for a remote LDAP directory you can enter a distinguished user name and a password. If a Domino® server connects to the remote LDAP directory server, it presents the name and password so the remote LDAP directory server can authenticate the Domino® server.

About this task

If you do not specify a name and password, a Domino® server attempts to connect to a remote LDAP directory server anonymously. You must specify a name and password if the remote LDAP directory server does not allow anonymous access.

Enter a distinguished name in the Username field, and a password in the Password field. The name and password must correspond to a valid name and password in the remote LDAP directory. Enter the distinguished name in LDAP format, for example cn=domino server,o=renovations.

Perform the following steps to encrypt the Directory Assistance document to restrict access to the name and password:


  1. Right-click the Directory Assistance document, select Properties, and click the key tab.
  2. In the Public Encryption keys field, enter:
    • The name of each administrator who requires access to the Directory Assistance document.
    • The name of each Domino® server that uses the document to connect to the remote LDAP directory server or that replicates changes to the directory assistance database.
      Note: Be sure to add at least one administrator name, otherwise no one will be able to open the document.


The document is encrypted with the public keys of the specified administrators and servers so that only they can access the document.