Creating and replicating a directory assistance database

Create a directory assistance database on one server, and then create a replica of the database on each server in the domain that will use it for directory assistance.

About this task

A server can use only one directory assistance database.


  1. From the IBM® Domino® Administrator, choose File > Application > New.
  2. Enter the name of the server on which to create the database.
  3. Enter a title for the database -- for example, Directory Assistance, but you can enter any title.
  4. Enter a file name for the database -- for example, DA.NSF or any file name with the extension .NSF.
  5. Click Show advanced templates.
  6. Click Template Server and select a server that stores the Directory Assistance template (DA.NSF).
  7. Select the Directory Assistance template (DA.NSF) from the list of templates.
  8. Keep Inherit future design changes selected, and then click OK.
  9. Create a replica of the directory assistance database on each server that will use it.
    Tip: Using the same file name and path for the replicas on each server makes it easy to use the Administration Process to add the file name and path to Server documents.
  10. Create Connection documents to schedule replication of the database to all the servers that will use the directory assistance database.

What to do next

Follow the procedure in related topics for setting up servers to use a directory assistance database.