Showing the unread count on folders

You can set a mail policy setting so that all folders, except for personal folders, display the number of unread messages next to the folder name in the navigator pane. This count automatically adjusts when a message is read, or when an unread message is moved from/to a folder. For personal folders, the count does not update automatically but rather a refresh icon displays next to the folder name and the count updates when users click the icon.

About this task

If users have elected to refresh the Inbox automatically by setting a Mail > General preference, the unread count for system folders such as Inbox or Junk, updates automatically when new mail arrives. However, unread mail that is moved to a folder as a result of a mail rule does not increment the unread count for the designated folder.

Set up the unread count feature by creating or editing a mail policy settings document and completing these fields on the iNotes configuration tab:

  • Enable unread count - Enable so that the number of unread messages in a folder displays in the navigator pane of IBM® iNotes®.
  • Autoupdate unread count - Select the mail folders for which you want to update the unread count automatically.