Setting up the LDAP service

Before you set up the LDAP service, make sure you understand TCP/IP concepts, including DNS host names and IP addressing.

Follow these steps to set up a server to run the LDAP service:

  1. The LDAP task runs automatically on the administration server for the primary Domino® Directory. On other servers in the domain, run the LDAP task manually.
  2. If your organization uses more than one Global Domain document, specify the one that the LDAP service uses to return Internet addresses to LDAP clients. Open the Global Domain document. In the Use as default Global Domain field, choose Yes.
  3. (Optional) Customize the default LDAP service configuration. In many cases, the LDAP service default settings are adequate.
  4. To check whether you set up the LDAP service correctly, use an LDAP search utility such as ldapsearch provided with Notes® and Domino®, to issue a query to the LDAP service.
  5. Set up LDAP clients to connect to the LDAP service.

If clients wish to connect to the LDAP service over the Internet, connect the server that runs the LDAP service to an Internet service provider (ISP), and register the server's DNS name and IP address with the ISP.