Using LDAP to search a Domain index

If the LDAP service is running on a server that stores a Domain Index, you can develop an LDAP application to search the Domain Index for all documents that contain a specific text string and then return specific attributes of these documents.

Use this search query format:

"(&(ObjectClass=Document)(Object=*xxx*))" attributes


xxx represents the text string to search for

attributes are any of these attributes to retrieve:

  • cn
  • url
  • doctitle
  • docauthor
  • docsummary
  • dbheading
  • dbcategories
  • dbtitle

For example, the following query searches for all documents that contain the text "HR policies" and then returns the cn, url, doctitle, docauthor, and dbtitle values for those documents:

"(&(ObjectClass=Document)(Object=*HR policies*))" cn url doctitle docauthor dbtitle 

You can use operators with the Object attribute search filter. For example, to find all documents that contain both the text "HR policies" and the text "1999" and then return the same set of attributes as the previous example, use this query:

"(&(ObjectClass=Document)(&(Object=*HR policies*)(Object=*1999*)))" cn url doctitle docauthor dbtitle

To search the text of a database, you must have at least Reader access in the ACL of the source database.