Scheduling replication of the Domino® Directory

Create Connection documents to schedule replication of the Domino® Directory on all servers in the Domino® domain. Since the Domino® Directory is central to a Domino® system, it's important to replicate it frequently. Although the replication schedule you select ultimately depends on the configuration of the servers in the domain, in general, replicate the Domino® Directory at least every 30 minutes or, if the directory is large and changes frequently, every 10 to 15 minutes.

About this task

Schedule the Administration Requests database (ADMIN4.NSF) to replicate as frequently as you replicate the Domino® Directory. The Administration Process, which simplifies some administration tasks, uses the Administration Requests database and the Domino® Directory to do its work. If the Domino® Directory is large, create a Connection document to schedule replication of only the Domino® Directory and the Administration Requests database.