Setting up Notes® clients to use a directory server

You can set up Notes® clients to use a different server from their mail servers for mail addressing. Type-ahead addressing searches a directory server only when Notes® users do not use condensed (mobile) directory catalogs. Directory servers are not used for LDAP directory searches initiated by Notes® users.

About this task

It should be noted that the mail servers still do lookups to route mail; this feature only redirects client lookups such as F9, type-ahead, or address picker lookups to the directory server.

To use desktop policy settings or a User Setup Profile to automate the setup:


  1. Create a Desktop Policy Settings or User Setup Profile document in the Domino® Directory.
  2. Enter the name of the directory server in the Directory server field in the Basics tab of the document.
  3. Click Save & Close.

What to do next

Alternatively, a user can add the name of a directory server manually in the Domino directory server field on the Servers tab of a Location document in their Contacts.

For more information on Location documents, see IBM® Notes® 9.0.1 Social Edition Help.