iNotes login and logout controls

iNotes® requires user login and logout security. A user logs in with the name and Internet password specified in the Person document. The name that the server accepts as valid depends on the setting in the Internet authentication field on the Security tab of the Server document.

When the user logs out, iNotes® closes the browser and removes the user's login credentials and private data from the browser's cache. By deleting this data, unauthorized users are prevented from using cached information to access the user's mail file. In Internet Explorer, you can use Browser Cache Management to improve the client side performance and security of iNotes® sessions by controlling which entries are stored in the cache and which are removed when the session ends. The removal of private data from the browser's cache and more secure data clearing capabilities are available only if the user accepts the iNotes® control.

iNotes® will not remove some personal data unless the user explicitly selects Logout for Shared PCs or Kiosk Users. With this selection, users can choose one of two secure logouts:

  • Secure - This option deletes all traces of the user's personal use of iNotes® and any Web pages that they have browsed, but keeps iNotes® program elements which boosts performance when the next person logs oin.
  • More secure - This option deletes all traces of iNotes® and all other Web pages in the temporary Internet files folder.

You can also redirect users to a specific Web page after they logout.