Features supported in iNotes® ultra-light mode

The ultra-light mode of IBM® iNotes® supports mail, calendar and contacts features.

This table is an overview but not necessarily a complete list of the features supported in iNotes® ultra-light mode.

Table 1. Features supported in iNotes® ultra-light mode




Features available when viewing mail:

  • View the iNotes® mail using these views: Inbox, Sent, Trash, All documents
  • Refresh the view
  • View the unread count for the Inbox
  • Message indicators: urgent message, message type, unread flag, attachments, recipient indicator, replied to, forwarded
  • Trash view includes ability to empty trash and to restore from trash

Features available when navigating mail:

  • Navigate to the next or previous set of messages
  • From an open message, ability to navigate to the next or previous message, or delete and then navigate to the next or previous message without returning to the view

Features available when reading and responding to mail:

  • Mark a message as read or unread
  • View rich text messages with embedded images
  • Open and reply to messages and forward messages in plain text (including history and attachments)
  • Download attachments on computer; view attachments on device (if file type is supported by the device)

Features available when composing mail:

  • Compose and send new messages using plain text
  • Validate and expand e-mail addresses
  • Address picker available
  • Type-ahead addressing for recently used e-mail addresses

Features available when managing mail:

  • Use view management to support selection of multiple documents, add or remove a follow-up flag, mark a message read or unread, restore a message from Trash
  • Support plain text signature preference set in full mode
  • Support follow-up quick flag using preferences set in full mode


Features available when viewing contacts:

  • View a list of the iNotes® contacts alphabetically by name
  • Open and read a personal or group contact record
  • Open a contact record from the address picker
  • Contact information includes mobile and business phone and the primary e-mail address

Features available when creating contacts:

  • Use a single touch to create a new message or dial the phone number from your contacts list or an open contact
  • Create a new personal contact record; edit existing personal contact records
  • Create a quick contact using basic information only


Features available when viewing your calendar:

  • View iNotes® calendar entries for a day
  • View unprocessed invitations in Calendar view if user preference Display new (unprocessed) notices is set
  • Refresh the view
  • Location and time zone information is detected automatically
  • For IBM® Notes® users, if Calendar preferences are used to assign colors to different event types, those colors are reflected here

Features available when navigating your calendar:

  • Ability to navigate to the next or previous day's events
  • Ability to navigate to a specific date using a date picker
  • Jump to "today" when another day is displayed

Features available when managing your calendar:

  • Open and read calendar entries
  • Accept or decline meeting invitations
  • Support automatic processing of meeting invitations preference set in full mode
  • For accepted meetings, automatically apply accepted updates and reschedule information
  • Provide status information in Availability and Update fields