Enabling multiple concurrent transfer threads between Domino® domains

In a Domino® network, message transfer over SMTP is always multithreaded, allowing multiple transfer threads to a single destination. However, by default, Notes® routing is multithreaded only for transfers within the local Notes® Named Network (NNN). When using Notes® routing to transfer mail outside the NNN, Domino® does not allow multiple concurrent transfer threads. You can add a setting in the NOTES.INI file to enable the use of multiple concurrent transfer threads for inter-domain Notes® routing.

About this task

To transfer a message, the Router assigns a transfer thread to a message in its transfer queue. When Notes® routing is used, the transfer thread moves the message across the network by copying it from the queue and writing it to the MAIL.BOX database on the destination server by means of a Notes® remote procedure call. Each transfer thread processes a single message for a single destination only. If a message has multiple recipients at that destination, the thread deposits a single message addressed to all of them. To send additional messages or send the same message to additional destinations, the Router must activate additional transfer threads.

When the transfer queue has many messages for a given destination, the messages may be able to be transferred more efficiently if the server can create multiple transfer threads to that destination. However, for multiple transfer threads to improve efficiency there must be ample bandwidth on the connection between the servers.

For Notes® routing, connections that rely on Connection documents, including connections to remote domain servers, are typically slower than local domain connections; so, by default, Domino® does not allow multiple concurrent transfer threads to destinations that require a Connection document. To ensure that message transfer is not adversely affected, alter only the default behavior servers that have high-bandwidth connections to other Domino® domains.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, open the Domino® Directory and click the Configuration tab.
  2. To edit an existing Configuration Settings document, highlight it and click Edit Configuration. To create a new Configuration settings document, highlight the server for which the Configuration Settings document will apply, then click Add Configuration.
  3. Click the NOTES.INI Settings tab.
  4. Click Set/Modify Parameters.
  5. In the Item field, enter RouterAllowConcurrentXFERToALL.
  6. In the Value field, enter 1.
  7. Click Add, and then click OK.
  8. Click Save & Close.


When this variable is set, the server does not attempt to determine the connection speed or number of messages pending for a particular destination. The server allows multiple concurrent transfer threads, regardless of whether the speed of a particular connection justifies the additional threads. The number of transfer threads for each destination remains limited by the value you set for the number of maximum concurrent transfer threads.