Creating a Setup Policy Settings document

In previous releases of IBM® Domino®, a Setup Policy Settings document was used to define the default look and content of the user workspace, to modify user Location documents, and to create Connection documents for dial-up (pass-through) connections that simplify server connections. Instead, in this release, use a Desktop Policy Settings document for these purposes.

About this task

Important: Do not use the Setup Policy Settings document. Use a Desktop Policy Settings document.

Setup policy settings are applied only once, during user setup. All of the settings available in the setup policy settings document are also included in the Desktop Policy Settings document. If a change is made to any policy setting, the desktop policy settings will reinforce the setup settings the next time users authenticate with their home server.

In addition, setup policy settings are not supported byIBM® iNotes®.

Any existing Setup Policy Settings documents you are using are supported; however, for ease of maintenance, consider creating desktop policies with those settings instead.