Forcing an administration process request to run

You can force an administration process request to run by issuing a command from the Domino® server console.

About this task

The recommended method of forcing an administration process request to run is to issue one of these commands from the Domino® server console:

Table 1. Tell commands for forcing administration processes
Command Abbreviated command Description
tell adminp process all Tell adminp p all

Processes all new and modified immediate, interval, daily, and delayed requests. This command does not override timed requests execution time

tell adminp process new tell adminp p ne

Processes requests scheduled as immediate or interval

tell adminp process immediate tell adminp p im

Processes requests scheduled as immediate

tell adminp process interval tell adminp p in

Processes requests scheduled as interval

tell adminp process daily tell adminp p da

Processes requests scheduled as daily

tell adminp process delayed tell adminp p de

Processes requests scheduled as delayed

tell adminp process mail policy tell adminp p ma

Applies mail policy to affected user's mail file

tell adminp server restart tell adminp p re

Processes and updates administration process requests of each schedule type as appropriate by simulating a restart of the administration process. This server command should be used rarely, if ever, because the tell adminp process all server command can now be used to trigger any new request.

Follow this procedure to force a request to occur immediately instead of waiting for the Administration Process to initiate the request based on the timing schedule.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, select the remote server.
  2. Choose Server > Status > Server Console.
  3. In the Domino Command field, enter a command from the preceding table and click Send.


These commands check the Administration Requests database (ADMIN4.NSF) for new unprocessed requests that match the criteria specified in the command. For example, the command tell adminp process interval checks ADMIN4.NSF for new interval requests and queues those requests as if the interval time has expired.