Create Replica - Cross domain administration request

You can create a database replica across domains using the Administration Process by selecting a database and then choosing Database - Create Replica from the tools pane in the Domino® Administrator.

Create replica - outbound (source) domain

The following request is generated on the outbound domain.

Check access for new replica creation

Triggered by: Initiating the Create Replica command from the Domino® Administrator.

Carried out on: The server on which you initiate the action.

Carried out: Immediately

Result: Checks for the appropriate Cross-domain Request Configuration documents and Connection documents. Sends the Create Replica administration request to the destination domain.

Create replica - inbound (destination) domain

The following request is generated on the inbound domain.

Triggered by: Receipt of the Create replica administration request from the source domain.

Carried out on: The server designated as the destination server in the Cross-domain Request Configuration document.

Carried out: Immediately

Result: Creates the replica on the designated server.