AdminP Administration Process Requests -- One Domain

These topics describe the AdminP (Administration Process) requests for a single domain.

Add Internet Certificate

Add resource

Add servers to a cluster

Approve person's name change request

Change HTTP password in Domino® Directory

Change user password in Domino® Directory

Certify new person key request

Certify new server key request

Copy server public key

Create IMAP delegation requests

Create mail files during setup

Create Mail-in database

Create replica

Create a Roaming User

Delegate mail file

Delegate mail file on administration server

Delegate Web mail file

Delete database

Delete group in Domino® Directory

Delete person in Domino® Directory

Delete Policy in Domino® Directory

Delete resource

Delete roaming user

Delete server name in Domino® Directory

Downgrade user from Roaming to Non-Roaming user

Find name in domain

Maintain Trends database record

Modify CA Configuration in the Domino® Directory

Modify ID recovery information in Domino® Directory

Modify resource

Modify user information stored in the Domino® Directory

Move database from a cluster server

Move database from a non-cluster server

Move a mail file from one server to another

Move roaming user to another server

Place server's Notes® build number into Server record

Recertify Certificate Authority in Domino® Directory

Recertify servers

Recertify users

Remove Certificate from Domino® or LDAP Directory

Remove servers from a cluster

Rename group

Rename person

Rename person - name change refused

Rename person - name change ignored by user

Rename Web user

Request to create ISpy database

Retract database

Set Directory Assistance field

Set Directory Assistance field

Set directory filename

Set password fields

Set user name and enable schedule agent

Set Web admin fields

Set Web user name and enable scheduled agent

Sign database with server's ID file

Store CA Policy Information in the Domino® Directory

Store certificate in Domino® or LDAP Directory

Store Certificate Revocation List in Domino® or LDAP Directory

Store directory type in Server record

Store server's CPU count

Store server's DNS host name

Update client information in Person Record

Update external domain information

Update domain catalog configuration

Update license tracking information in Domino® Directory

Update roaming user information in Person record

Update non-roaming user to roaming user

Update server protocol information

Upgrade server to hierarchical

Web set Soft Deletion Expire Time