JSON file schema validation

Domino provides a JSON schema for one-touch Domino setup that is used to validate JSON in a JSON input file.

The JSON schema is provided as the file dominoOneTouchSetup.schema.json in the Domino program directory. If you use a JSON file as input to one-touch Domino setup, when you invoke one-touch Domino setup, your JSON file is validated automatically against this schema prior to any setup steps. If your JSON file is not valid, errors are written to IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT/autoconfigure.log and one-touch Domino setup exits without performing any setup. This validation helps guard against a partially set up server. Note that not all errors can be detected by schema validation. Even with a valid JSON file, other errors are possible, such as specification of an invalid directory.

Domino also provides the means to validate the JSON in a JSON input file before invoking one-touch setup.