Troubleshooting one-touch Domino setup

If you run into problems with one-touch Domino setup, use these tips to help troubleshoot.

About this task

In most cases, any issues are easily found by reviewing IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT/autoconfigure.log. That file has a table of input parameters that were processed that indicates the value for each parameter and whether it was explicitly supplied or the default value was used. The file also logs any errors that happened during setup.

Here are tips for resolving common issues:
  • Make sure you have specified all required parameters or variables, as noted by X* in the tables in the topic Preparing input parameters in a JSON file or Preparing input parameters through system environment variables. Be sure to refer to the correct column, either First server or Additional server, in the tables.
  • If you use system environment variables as input on Unix platforms, make sure that the variable names are in upper case and use the exact names specified in the tables in Preparing input parameters through system environment variables.
  • If you export system environment variables as input, if string values have spaces, enclose the values in quotes in the export command. For example, specify export SERVERSETUP_SERVER_TITLE="ACME Application Server" and not SERVERSETUP_SERVER_TITLE=ACME Application Server.
  • If a parameter or variable specifies a directory, make sure that the directory exists and that the identity that runs Domino can read and write to it.