Pushing Notes installs to the AUT Catalog using Domino AutoUpdate

Starting in Domino 14.0 Fixpack 1, the Domino AutoUpdate app contains functionality that you can use to have Notes installation sofware pushed to the Notes AUT Catalog.

The Domino AutoUpdate app (autoupdate.nsf) notifies you of the latest Domino and Domino product family software available on the Domino server, and allows you to download the software to other servers. As of 14.0 Fixpack 1, you can also use it to make it easier to add Notes packages for Windows users to the AUT Catalog.


Using the Fixpack 1 feature that handles pushing Notes installs to the AUT Catalog requires the following:

  • The Domino Autoupdate download server must be running Domino 14.0 FP1, with the 14.0 FP1 autoupdate.ntf template. Windows and Linux servers are supported.
  • The server that hosts the Notes AUT Catalog (autcat.nsf) can run on an earlier Domino server version.

Configure Domino AutoUpdate to push Notes installs

  1. If your organization isn't already using Domino AutoUpdate, see Downloading and distributing software using AutoUpdate for information on enabling and configuring the autoupdate.nsf app.
  2. Enable the integration feature for pushing Notes to the AUT catalog. See the last step in Configuring the Global Configuration Document.
  3. Follow the instructions in Manually downloading software from the catalog.

    When you download Notes software, it is automatically pushed to autcat.nsf on the AUT Catalog server you designated.

    Note: Only software documents showing the Available to Distribute icon can be pushed to autcat.nsf.
  4. To confirm that the push is complete, from the Domino AutoUpdate navigation click the Notes AUT Catalog view and look for the Pushed to AUT Catalog icon (green check mark) on the software document of the install package that was downloaded.
  5. To go directly to the Notes AUT Calalog (autocat.nsf), open the software document and click the Open AUT Catalog button.

Things to note in the Notes AUT Catalog after a push

  • Domino AutoUpdate has automatically created a new document in the Version Paths view that describes the Notes software.
  • For entries where the language column is blank in the Version Paths view, if created by Domino AutoUpdate they contain information in the Note column to indicate the language and platform.
  • Switch to the Files view and you can see that Domino AutoUpdate automatically created a new document in that view containing the actual Notes webkit as an attachment.
  • In some cases, Domino AutoUpdate creates two Version Path documents and two File documents in the Notes AUT Catalog. For example, fixpack releases apply to both the Admin/Designer client and the Standard client, so documents are created for both.

Deploy the install to AUT servers

To deploy the new install executable to the AUT servers, in the AUT Catalog, in either the Version Paths or Files view, select Deploy Files from the action bar. All pending additions and updates to the currently deployed files are applied.

What to do next

The remainder of the setup necessary for actually updating Notes clients to this Notes version requires the following administrator actions that are part of the normal administration of the Notes AUT feature: