Ways to add Notes install files to the AUT catalog

With HCL Domino 14.0 Fixpack 1, you get an additional option for adding HCL Notes to the Notes AUT Catalog as a means of distributing Notes to AUT servers. Note that this capability applies only for Notes, not HCAA.

You can use either of the following options to add Notes install packages to an AUT server:
  • The existing method of initially uploading the Notes installation package to the Notes AUT Catalog server (available since Domino v10)
  • The method available in Domino 14.0 FP1 and later. You start with the Domino AutoUpdate application (autoupdate.nsf), which contains a software catalog that is updated daily with any new Domino-related software available from the My HCL Sofware Portal.

    You then enable a (Fixpack 1) setting in Domino AutoUpdate that turns on integration with Notes AUT Catalog. With this integration, all client software packages in the autoupdate.nsf catalog that show the "Available to Distribute" icon are automatically downloaded from the Portal to a Domino server, and then pushed directly to your Notes AUT Catalog server.

    For background on the Domino AutoUpdate application, see Downloading and distributing software using AutoUpdate.

For instructions on how to implement each method, see the two topics that follow.