Creating a Version Map to assign upgrade paths to users

To deploy a new Notes version to users, you create a Version Map document in the AUT Catalog in which you select one or more Version Path documents that define an upgrade path.

About this task

If you deploy multiple Notes versions (have multiple Version Path documents), you can select more than one in a single Version Map and indicate an order of precedence. After you create a Version Map, you select it in a Desktop Settings policy to assign it to a set of users.


  1. Open the Aut Catalog (autcat.nsf) on any AUT server.
  2. Click Version Maps.
  3. Click New Version Map.
  4. Give the map a name.
  5. Click Select to select at least one Version Path.
  6. If you select multiple Version Paths, use the buttons to move them to desired order of precedence, with those higher having more precedence.
  7. Click Save & Close.
  8. To make the Version Map available to assign to users, select it and then click Deploy Version Maps.

What to do next

Create a Desktop Settings policy to assign users to the Version Map.