Configuring a Web Site rule to run PHP

PHP (from Personal Home Page Tools) is a script language and interpreter. The PHP script is embedded within a Web page along with its HTML. To enable a Web Site document to use PHP, you need to create a directory rule for that site document to point to the PHP executable files.

About this task

The default directory for PHP scripts is defined by the DOCUMENT_ROOT CGI variable, and is the/notes root directory/data/domino/html directory. PHP looks for scripts relative to this directory.


  1. Install PHP on the Web server. Make sure that the PHP.EXE file can find the PHP.INI file. Be sure that all paths are set up correctly for PHP. See the PHP installation documentation for more information.
  2. Create a directory rule to run PHP scripts:
    Table 1. Directory rule settings for PHP scripts




    Enter a name that differentiates this rule from others you create.

    Type of Rule

    Select Directory

    Incoming URL pattern

    Enter /php-bin

    An example of an incoming URL would be:


    Target server directory

    Enter the location of the PHP binary file (for example, c:\PHP)

    Access level

    Click Execute.