HTML generation options

The HTMLOptions capability was developed for the Web server as a general, extensible way for Web application developers to specify form and field specific options to control the Web engine's HTML generation. It allows users to select alternate behavior for the web server HTML generator, without requiring dedicated Domino® Designer events or info box controls.

Web application designers can now specify HTML options at the form and field levels. Options are specified using a special field $$HTMLOptions.

A DisablePassThruHTML option has been added to HTMLOptions, to allow designers to control and disable pass-through HTML at the field level. Previously, designers had the ability to disable pass-through HTML at the server level to prevent cross-site scripting. The new option allows a finer level of control for disabling pass-through HTML.

This setting affects rendering (Web server-generated output), not input. A user can still post an item that contains pass-through HTML; it is not interpreted as HTML when the Web server generates output HTML.

If there is no DisablePassThruHTML value set in the HTMLOptions, then Domino® uses the value of the NOTES.INI setting DominoDisablePassthruHTML as the default.

For more information on using the HTMLOptions capability in a Domino® Web application, see HCL Domino® Designer Help.