The Web Navigator

The Web Navigator lets Notes® workstations access the Web, without having a direct connection to the Internet. The Web Navigator server, which has a direct connection to the Internet, retrieves pages for users. The Web Navigator retrieves pages on Internet servers -- for example, servers that use Internet services such as HTTP, FTP, or Gopher.

When someone requests a new page, the Web Navigator server connects to the Internet server, retrieves the requested page, and copies the page as a document into the Web Navigator database (WEB.NSF). If the requested page already exists in the database, Domino® immediately opens the document without requesting it again from the Internet server.

Using the Web Navigator provides many benefits, including:

  • Reduced Internet connection costs. Storing all the retrieved Web pages in a centralized database allows users to access the page on the database instead of connecting to the Internet.
  • Monitoring capabilities. You can monitor Web-based activity, if needed.
  • Simplified troubleshooting for Internet connections. You troubleshoot only one connection instead of troubleshooting one connection for each workstation.
  • Familiar Notes® interface. The retrieved Web pages are stored as documents in a database where people can request, view, and manage them using the Notes® interface.