Viewing mail usage reports

When Domino® saves a report, it stores the report data in the Reports database (REPORTS.NSF). Reports that are mailed, but not saved, are not added to the Reports database. You can use the Reports database to analyze server mail usage.

About this task

Views in the database display previously saved reports according to date, schedule, report type, and user. An additional view displays all scheduled reports by interval.

You can open the Reports database using either of two methods.

To open the Reports database directly


  1. From a Notes® client, Domino® Administrator client, or Domino® Designer client, choose File > Application > Open, or type CTRL + O.
  2. In the Server field, specify the name of the server where the database resides.
  3. Choose Reports for Servername from the list of available databases, and then click Open.

To open the Reports database in the Domino® Administrator


  1. From the Domino® Administrator client click, the Mail tab.
  2. Select the Reports for Servername view.

Viewing report results


  1. Expand the Report Results or Scheduled Reports folders.
  2. From either folder, expand the category for the report you want to view.

    For example, from the Report Results folder, click the By Schedule view, and then in the Results panel, expand the category once to see the results of all saved reports that were run one time only, rather than on a repeating schedule.

  3. To open a report, double-click it in the Results panel.


Note: For scheduled reports, the user is the server running the report; for reports that an administrator runs manually, the user is the administrator.