Setting Monitoring preferences

You can use the default Monitoring preferences or customize them.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click File > Preferences > Administration Preferences.
    Table 1. Monitoring preferences



    Do not keep more than n MB of monitoring data in memory (4 - 99MB)

    Enter the maximum amount of virtual memory, in MB, used to store monitoring data. Default is 4.

    Not responding status displayed after n minutes of inactivity

    Enter the amount of time after which the "not responding" status displays. The default is 10 minutes.

    Generate server health statistics and reporting

    Select this option to include health statistics in charts and reports.

    Note: You must enable this option to use the Server Health Monitor.
  2. In the Location section, complete these fields:
    Table 2. Monitoring preferences - Location



    When using this location

    Choose the Location document.

    Monitor servers

    Do one:

    • Select From this computer to monitor servers from the local Domino® administration client.
    • Select From server and then click Collection Server. In the Remote Collection Server dialog box, select the Domino® server running the Collector task for the servers being monitored by the location you selected.

    Poll server every nminutes (1-60 minutes)

    Enter the server's polling interval, in minutes.

    • If From this computer is selected, the default is 1 minute.
    • If From server is selected, the default is 5 minutes.

    Automatically monitor servers at startup

    Select this option to start the Domino® Server Monitor when you start the Domino® Administrator.