Recalculating the server's routing table

The Router on each server maintains a dynamic routing table, which specifies the best route to each possible destination server. The routing table builds on information contained in the server's NOTES.INI file and in the Configuration Settings, Domain, Connection, and Server documents in the Domino® Directory.

About this task

By default, at intervals of approximately 5 minutes, or after you restart the task, the Router examines the Domino® Directory for changes that would warrant rebuilding the routing table. In cases where you want new settings to take effect immediately, but do not want to interrupt the flow of mail by stopping and restarting the Router, you can use a TELL command to force an update.


Enter the following command at the server console:
Tell router update config


The Router checks the Server, Server Configuration, Connection, Adjacent and Non-Adjacent domain documents, and the NOTES.INI file for changes that might effect the routing topology. The Router then builds a new routing table that incorporates the changes. The Router reprocesses any messages currently in MAIL.BOX based on the new routing table.

The Router does not check the Global Domain document for changes in response to the update configuration command. The information contained in the Global Domain document is loaded into memory only after server initialization. It is not refreshed when the routing tables reload.