Broadcasting messages to Notes® client users

Use the HCL Domino® Administrator to broadcast messages to one or more HCL Notes® client workstations. Messages can be broadcast to display in dialog boxes or in the status bar on the Notes® client workstations.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server tab and click Status.
  2. Click Notes Users.
  3. If you are sending a message to a specific user only, select the user name.
  4. From the Tools pane, click User > Broadcast Message.
  5. Complete these fields:
    Table 1. Broadcast Message Fields



    Broadcast a message to

    Choose one of these:

    • Admin/ibm -- Sends a message to the user whose name you selected prior to opening this dialog box. In the example shown on the dialog box, it will be sent to admin/ibm.
    • All connected users -- Broadcasts the message to all connected users.
    • All users of a database -- Broadcasts this message to anyone that has this database open. When you choose this option, the database name field is enabled. Enter the name of the database.

    Broadcast this message

    Enter the message that is to be broadcast.

    Show as dialog box on user's workstation

    Choose this option to present the message to users in a dialog box. If you do not choose the option, the message displays in the status bar on the user workstation(s).

  6. Click Broadcast.