Allowing multiple users to use the same data directory

Multiple HCL Notes® client users can log on and use the same data directory at the same time.

HCL Domino® creates an autosave database with a unique name for each user to make the data directory available to multiple users. For example, if a user is named Eric Thiel, the autosave database name is as_ethiel.nsf.

Domino® then makes a new entry for that user in the NOTES.INI file. For example, the new entry for this user could be:

AUTO_SAVE_USER,Eric Thiel/Westford/Renovations=as_ethiel.nsf

If an autosave database with the name as_ethiel.nsf already exists, the number 1 is appended to the user name portion of the new database name. For example, as_ethiel1.nsf.

When a user logs in to Notes® with their USER.ID, Domino® checks the NOTES.INI file for an entry with that user's name. Then, one of these situations occurs:

  • The entry exists, and the database name in that entry is used.
  • The entry exists but the database cannot be located. Domino® creates a new database.
  • The user does not have access to the database and an error message is generated.
  • The entry cannot be located. A new NOTES.INI entry and database are created using the correct naming convention.