Renaming Domino® users when their names change in Active Directory

When you use Directory Sync and the common name of a registered Domino® user changes in Active Directory, follow this procedure to change the name in the Domino® directory Person document, too.

Before you begin

You'll need to know the password for the Notes® certifier.

About this task

The Rename Domino users upon Active Directory rename option must be enabled in the Directory Sync configuration document. When a Domino® user's common name changes in Active Directory, a Rename Common Name administration process request is created. You must approve the request for the rename to be carried out in Domino®.
Note: This procedure isn't needed if the name of an Active Directory user who is not registered in Domino® changes. In this case, the name is immediately updated in the Domino® directory Person document during sync.


  1. Open the Administration Requests database (admin4.nsf).
  2. Open the view Rename Common Name Requests, the last view listed in the navigation pane. This view shows only the names of Domino® users whose common names have changed in Active Directory.
  3. Select the names to process and click Complete rename for selected entries.
  4. When prompted, provide the Notes® certifier password.


A standard administration process Rename Person request is then initiated for each name processed.