Understanding the Smart Upgrade timer

This topic explains the behavior of the Smart Upgrade timer.

If the user's Smart Upgrade timer setting has expired, when the user logs in to Notes®, the following occurs:

  1. Smart Upgrade compares the version value of the user's installed Notes® client to the version value specified in the Source version field of the Smart Upgrade kit document. The Notes® client sends a match pattern to the server including the Notes® client's current version, the platform and the localization. The Install type is also sent. The server then looks for a matching kit.
  2. If the server finds a match, it sends a flag back to the Notes® client indicating an upgrade kit may exist.
  3. Notes® searches the Smart Upgrade application for a match for its current version, platform, localization and install type.
    Note: The Notes® client only recognizes kits for the user specified in the Allowed Users and Servers field of the Smart Upgrade kit document.
  4. If the user's Deploy version field in the desktop policy settings document contains a version value, Notes® compares that version to the one specified in the Destination version field of the kit document.
    Note: Specifying the upgrade kit version value in the Deploy version field of the desktop policy settings document is optional. If that field is blank, but an upgrade kit is available, Smart Upgrade skips this step and uses the version value of the upgrade kit to continue the upgrade process.
  5. If a match is found, and users are specified or are members of a specified group, Smart Upgrade prompts the users to upgrade their Notes® client.
  6. Users can upgrade when prompted or delay the upgrade for a specified time period. If the user has a policy that specifies an upgrade deadline and that date has expired, Smart Upgrade displays an Update Now button that forces the user to upgrade. If Remind me every hour after upgrade deadline has passed is set in the policy settings document, users can delay the upgrade in one hour increments before being prompted again.