Using Upgrade-by-mail

Upgrade-by-mail sends an e-mail notification to users instructing them to upgrade their Notes® client and optionally, their mail file template. You can also use Upgrade-by-mail to notify users that their mail files have been migrated to Notes® mail.

The upgrade notification contains two options that users click to upgrade their client and mail file.
Note: Upgrade-by-mail is not available for iNotes® users.
  • Install Notes – starts the Notes® install program from a directory on am accessible network drive
  • Upgrade Mail File – replaces the user's current mail template with another mail template
    Note: If you do not complete the Mail Template Information section in the upgrade-by-mail notification form, the Upgrade Mail File option does not appear in the e-mail notification.
    Note: To use Upgrade-by-mail to upgrade mail file templates, users must have at least Designer access to their mail application. Otherwise, use the mail conversion utility to update mail file templates.

Before you begin the process for creating the notification, do the following:

  • Back up the Notes® client.
  • Create an installation directory on a Domino® server or a file server to which users have network access, then copy all Notes® install directories and files to this folder.