Creating and using a Smart Upgrade Tracking Reports application

The Smart Upgrade Tracking Reports application stores Smart Upgrade tracking reports that contain status information for all Smart Upgrade attempts in a domain.

About this task

During server setup of a domain's first server, Domino® creates a mail-in application named HCL Notes/Domino Smart Upgrade Tracking Reports application (lndsutr.nsf) using the template lndsutr.ntf. Domino® also creates the corresponding mail-in document. Notes® automatically creates Smart Upgrade Tracking reports whenever Smart Upgrade runs.

Reports of successful upgrades are sent the first time the Notes® client is started after successful upgrade. Reports of unsuccessful upgrades are sent immediately after the upgrade fails or cancels.

Enable Smart Upgrade Tracking using the desktop policy settings document's Smart Upgrade tab.

Use this procedure to create the Smart Upgrade Tracking Reports application. You can view reported information by status, date, version, and user.


  1. From the Domino® Administrator client, click File > Application > New\.
  2. In the New Application dialog box, specify the server name and application title.
  3. Enter a file name in the File Name field.
  4. Click Template Server, and then choose the server on which the application will reside.
  5. Enable the Show advanced templates check box.
  6. Select HCL Notes/Domino Smart Upgrade Tracking Reports (lndsutr.ntf) from the list of template names, and click OK.