Filtering servers used during resource balancing

You can change the displayed list of available databases by setting filters that hide databases from display without affecting the master pin list or affecting how a plan is generated. Using these options provides you with the information you want quickly and easily.

About this task

For example, using Hide databases appearing in plan shows only the databases that will remain and filters out all databases that will move. The Hide system databases and Hide master pin databases options show all of the databases on the servers, even though you do not want to move them. This option is useful when you need to see the complete picture of databases on a server and is useful especially when decommissioning a server.

To filter servers


  1. From the Domino® Administrator, click the Server > Performance tab and open the Resource Balancing view.
  2. Click the Filter button on the Available Databases tab.
  3. In the Servers field choose one:
    • All Servers
    • Selected Servers
  4. Select or deselect one or more:
    • Hide System Databases (default is checked)
    • Hide Master Pin Databases (default is checked)
    • Hide Databases appearing in Plan (default is unchecked)