Activity Trends server and statistics profiles

Using profiles simplifies the work of managing groups of servers and groups of statistics. In Activity Trends, you can collect servers into a server profile, and you can specify the statistics to be included in a server profile.

In a server profile, you collect servers from the same domain into a named group. Then when you perform resource balancing or use charting to review performance, you have easy access to those servers. After you create a server profile, you can select a statistics profile to view the statistics for the selected server profile.

When you perform resource balancing, the server profile can include one or more phantom servers. Phantom servers do not physically exist, but you can use them in "what if" scenarios to evaluate how adding servers might alleviate load problems. Phantom servers are not visible when viewing activity trends, in either the Latest or Historical views, because there is no activity trends data for phantom servers.

Activity Trends analysis includes default statistics that differ depending on the view you are in. The Users view, for example, has only one default statistic, while the Server view has two. You can create statistics profiles that contain an unlimited number of Domino® system statistics. Then you can use any statistic profile with any server profile.